Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Defunct - no longer living, existing, or functioning.

San Antonio's Eastside is defunct. There is no longer LIFE in the community. The word community exists, but the spirit is NONEXISTENT. The system failed the Eastside a long time ago and we have never been able to become FUNCTIONAL again.

I grew up on 1815 Lamar. From birth to the age of eighteen I was a resident of the Eastside of San Antonio. My grandparents owned and lived in the house across the street at 422 Hudson. Their previous house was on S Mesquite St. My father and all of his siblings were born on S Mesquite St and grew up at 422 Hudson. I attended day care on Rice Road. I went to Pre-K at the Church of the Nazarene on Rigsby. I went to private school (K-7) in Dellcrest. I began public school at Wheatley Middle School. I graduated from Sam Houston High School. My grandparents were pioneers of Coliseum Church of Christ and I grew up attending Dellcrest Church of Christ. I AM THE EASTSIDE. Throughout my frustration and anger over the constant plummet of the Eastside, I am still PROUD to be an Eastsider.

This pride encouraged me to move back to San Antonio and make a difference in my community. I came into it thinking that I could take several routes at making that difference, but they all led back to one component...EDUCATION. Turns out that EDUCATION on the Eastside has been defunct for a long time. I'm the oxygen, caffeine, and the defibrillator. I am the inspiration and the spark for a new beginning. I am The Eastside.

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