Monday, August 2, 2010

Sam Houston Alumni

Okay, time for "real talk"... I need for my fellow Sam Houston alumni to start showing up at Sam Houston and its feeder schools this upcoming school year. Not just 2001 alumni, all alumni in the San Antonio area. I didn't do a good enough job encouraging everyone as much as I should have done last school year, but I won't do that again this year. I witnessed too many young minds being lost due to simple neglect last year at Sam Houston for me to allow this to continue to happen.

Your presence is DESPERATELY needed in the lives of many of our Eastside students. I've seen plenty of people "repping Sam" in the past years. I ask that as you continue to "rep Sam", that you also rep the students at Sam by visiting the school and mentoring and/or tutoring. It doesn't matter if you have retained calculus for the past 10+ years, or have forgotten how to count to five. I need your presence and positive influence around these students to encourage them to do more than what is expected of them currently. I need tutors, mentors, role models. You don't have to be all three...I just need you to be one of them for one student.

You may not consider yourself to be a "role model" or "mentor" per se, but I ask you to come out and I will prove to you that there is at least one student who will look at you as such. I need you to come out and be yourself. For those of you that stay smoked out, I'm gonna need you to come in sober and leave any discussion of that at home. lol But I still want you to come out, because you may be able to relate to some of our students better than any of the rest of us.

I visited Sam Houston on a weekly basis last year and I know if I had my alumni behind me keeping a constant connection with these students, we can assist greatly in improving the education system for these students. Let's make the situation at Sam Houston and its feeder schools better for those behind us. We all can admit that we could have been provided a much better education had we been provided adequate guidance and support. Let's be that guidance and support beginning this year.

If you have any questions about what I'm referring to when I say that the students need us in the halls, then please check out the rest of my blog entries. I think you'll gather a better understanding of how things have fallen by the wayside at Sam Houston and how it's going to take us and the current Eastside community to institute a brighter future for those students.

Please feel free to post comments and remarks. If you are willing and motivated enough to help, then your notice of participation may encourage our other classmates to participate as well. I'll send everyone that is willing to participate more information and guidance on how to get involved this upcoming school year.

Thank You,
Brian C. Dillard
Cherokee 2001

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  1. haha Brian you were there for everythinq && supported us when our parents didnt.. your honestly the BEST MENTOR, BIG BRO, EVERYTHING & RIGHT ON TIME TOO.!

    -Diamond Moss Class of 2010 Hurricanes.~